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Meet Sharon Taylor, designer and owner of Pickwick House.

How did you know that you wanted to be a designer?

 My mom was an artist.  I grew up watching her do all things beautiful in life.  She and dad had 9 kids, not much money….and yet nothing stopped them from producing a beautiful, richly-colored life for all of their kids.  Up until I was at least 18 years old,  I had a non-stop obsession with decorating and redecorating a three story dollhouse that I shared with my sisters.   My mom also took us to lots of auctions/flea markets.  After college, marriage, and having kids, I started selling refurbished antiques + junk style stuff in partnership with a few girlfriends at a shop called Merchants Landing…close to Branson.  I did the merchandising, room lay-outs, and setting up their seasonal promotional parties.  I started getting asked by customers to come decorate their homes and throw their parties/weddings.  I haven’t stopped since then, and it gave me the confidence to eventually venture out on my own full-time, and then finally, 5 years later open my own store/studio.

What do you specialize in?

I specialize in residential/commercial interiors and creative event planning and design.

How would you describe your favorite style?

 I like classic lines with an eclectic mix of vintage.

What sets you apart as a designer?

Maybe that I’m a master at mixing high end with low end.

Who needs the help of a designer?

Everyone could use a “designer’s eye” on occasion,  in my opinion.  Designers can help you avoid a lot of common mistakes and bring you to a more harmonious way of living.  In these fast paced times where families are stretched far too thin, designing a home/space has become an after thought.  Much to their demise, families make hastefully complacent purchases in big box furniture stores or super centers where quantity over quality is the outcome. Many times, families just need another set of eyes, or a design-mediator, to get the ball rolling in the right direction.  

What inspires you?

Art, literature, music, old movies/movie sets, travel and sister time.

Describe your “perfect” or “ideal” wedding or project.

Oh what fun to think about!  My ideal bride is the classically rooted bride who is open to breaking the rules of convention with some fresh and new ideas.  I’m working with a bride right now who said “yes” to a fantastic photo booth design I came up with.  She’s pretty near perfect as most of my brides are and have been.  It’s important that we’re in sync with one another.


When designing a small space, what is at the top of the list?

Lighting is first- then paint, then fabrics, and furnishings. Finding statement pieces that will fit, not overcrowd and accentuate the space.

What is your “a-ha” moment when designing a wedding or talking with a bride?

It usually takes a few chats to find out my bride’s style…I study what a bride wears, where she shops, what her favorite piece of furniture is in their apt, fave movies, mags, etc.  I also tell my brides, and interior clients too that, my brain percolates awhile.  New ideas come organically.  They cannot be forced.  If they “get that” and if we can laugh along the way, those are usually my best and most special collaborations.

What is your favorite aspect of designing a wedding?

My favorite part is right after implementation of the design of the wedding.  That’s the best- seeing all of our ideas come together and then seeing the bride’s face light up or cry because it IS exactly what she wanted. That’s the VERY best.

Tell us more about Pickwick House.

Pickwick House is my boutique design studio/showroom/small party venue.  It’s a quaint little neighborhood sidewalk shop right up the street from my own 120 year old home.  I’ve been working from Pickwick House for one year now, and before that I was designing from my home office.  I meet with my clients and brides there, but I also showcase a collection of vintage furnishings, pillows, candles, and lighting for the home that I sell.  I showcase table settings too.  I host inspirational workshops, where I bring in guest artists/authors and serve refreshments.  It’s also a venue for intimate gatherings, showers, birthday parties, and now small weddings.  Please call to inquire about our great rates! Pickwick House is a dream come true.  It was in bad disrepair when I discovered it.  It went through an amazing transformation and now, one year later, it’s like a slice of wedding cake that I’m enjoying fresh out of the icebox one year later.

 What are some of your upcoming projects?

A six week one-room challenge, among 15 bloggers/designers
Finishing up a design for a cafe/coffee house
An art collector’s home
A nursery 

My daughter’s high school graduation party

Will you give us 5 tips for a “Taylor” made space?

Buy the big pieces you know you can love for a long time.
“All Natural” woven rugs are the only way.
Fresh Flowers.  {NO fake flowers please}
Expand into art, literature, and music.  Let them be your inspiration for design.  


Sharon- thank you so much for sharing your talent and insight with us! You have certainly been an inspiration to me!

To view more of Sharon’s Work, visit:

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  1. Heather, thank you so much! I feel lucky to be photographed by you! You and your work are beautiful!!