john + lindsey | engagement

John + Lindsey met for the first time last Spring through mutual friends. He doesn’t remember meeting her that day, and she thought nothing of the introduction. Then, in July, they were both in the wedding party of their same mutual friends. At the wedding, Lindsey asked John to dance, and she felt like a princess in his arms. They talked and smiled the whole time they were dancing. Later on, Lindsey asked her friend more about him to which her friend replied with such positive words about John.

After the wedding, they became friends on Facebook and wrote back and forth. Thus began the flurry of e-mails, phone dates, and skype. Lindsey appreciated that John was very direct and didn’t beat around the bush.  On a Sunday in December, John drove 600 miles from his home in Wisconsin for a surprise visit, and they had their first official lunch date at Cheddar’s. (Hence, one of the locations for their engagement session.)  Lindsey respects John for so many reasons… how he loves God and has a heart to learn God’s Word and apply it to his life, he treats her with gentleness and respect and is very much a gentleman, a man of thought and action, keeps his word, and puts God first. John waited to share his first kiss with only Lindsey.

On the day that John proposed, he took her out to lunch and gave her wildflowers and nose rings. They went to a marriage retreat in Branson, and he proposed afterwards under the starry sky singing “Keeper of the Stars”… “it was no accident, me finding you, someone had a hand in it…” Little did he know that in 2006, Lindsey had gotten her nose pierced and prayed that her future husband would give her a nose ring. She loves the story in the Bible of Isaac and Rebekah and wanted God to pick out her mate the way that Isaac’s wife was hand selected for him. So, she prayed a “silly prayer” for a “sign” that the one that God wanted her to marry would give her a nose ring. She already knew that John was the one she wanted to marry, but it was amazing for her to see how much God cares about our little prayers.

I love their story and hope you enjoy their sweet engagement photos. Their little pug, Bella, even joined us for some photos! 🙂

I wish you all the best, John + Lindsey! 🙂

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10 Responses to john + lindsey | engagement

  1. Sue Carloni says:

    Great pics….and I love your story! I’m so happy for both of you. May God grant you many many blissful years of marriage. 🙂

  2. Anna Elizabeth Brown says:

    WOOT WOOT!!!! Excited for both of you! God picked the perfect two people to put together and make them husband and wife. I love you both and miss you! Excited for the special day coming up! The pictures are all amazing and lovely!

  3. Debi Delamater says:

    Beautiful pictures!!! I hope for you all the happiness possible in this life!!! Thanks fsor sharing wtih me!!

  4. Angelica Campbell says:

    While reading your guys love story, it’s amazing how God bought you two together and even had the littlest things, like the nose ring, come to pass! May God bless you both now and forever.

  5. Mabel Roe says:

    Very lovely, Lindsey & John, May God’s shower His blessings on you during this joyous moment.

  6. Priscilla & Duane says:

    Congratulations! We really like the pictures of you & John, especially by the water. We are are very happy for you, and sure Bella is happy too! God’s blessings on you. We love you. See you soon.
    Love, Grandma & Grandpa

  7. Jennifer says:

    The photos are beautiful. You will have a great story to share with your children. Congratulations.

  8. Don says:

    God’s sign……. a nose ring. Pretty cool !!!
    Enjoyed your photos.
    Love, Don

  9. Robbi and Scott Webb says:

    John and Lindsey,

    The pictures are beautiful and are a testimony of your love, respect and enjoyment of eachother. Your story….amazing! The nose ring made me just smile…The Lord grants us the desires of our heart

    Here’s what I see…two people who waited for God’s best and got it.

    May the Lord be glorified all the days of your life together.

    P.S. We can’t wait to meet you, and we prayed for you, AND even though John has always been happy in the Lord and his own skin, we have never seen him look happier! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Scott and Robbi Webb

  10. Sherah Hanson says:

    Your pictures are beautiful!!:) I’m so happy that you found such a wonderful man!:) I wish you both nothing but the best and all of God’s love!! Congratulations!!:) 🙂