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 Looking back on your wedding day, what was the best decision you made?

The man I married! 🙂 Also I was so happy to have some of our closest friends and family in our bridal party to celebrate the day with. They helped make the day even more fun and memorable. I also was in love with my dress and I was so very pleased with our wedding pictures!

 If you could change anything about your wedding day, what would it have been?

I wish it had been a longer day. The day goes by so fast and there is so much to fit in. There are moments where you are rushing around getting ready, getting dressed, getting all of the pictures done before the ceremony, making sure you see everyone, etc. There wasn’t enough time in the day!

• How did you go about choosing your photographer?

I knew of Heather through a mutual friend and I had seen her pictures on Facebook. I just loved her style of photography and how natural her pictures felt. The wedding pictures are a very important part of remembering your day and I knew Heather would do a great job.

 Did you do some sort of workout program to get fit for your wedding day?

I didn’t have a faithful workout program but I tried to eat very healthy the 9 months I was engaged. I remained active so I would look and feel healthy on my wedding day.

• What was the most “fun” part of your wedding?

The whole day is so much fun! It was absolutely wonderful to have all of our friends and family together in one place to celebrate one of the most exciting days of our lives. We felt so much love on our wedding day. We are so blessed to have family and friends who love and encourage us. The reception was a fun time where we could mingle, dance and spend time with everyone.

• What was the most “memorable” part of your wedding?

There were so many special memories surrounding my wedding. One of those memories is the time spent with my mom planning the wedding. It was a special mother/daughter time for us to share during the planning process. Also, those few days leading up to our wedding are also an unforgettable memory. My maid of honor stayed with my family the couple of days before the wedding. Spending time with her while finishing up final details for the big day was so fun! Another memory that I will never forget is seeing Devin for the first time. It was very emotional and exciting. Also the special moment where my dad walked me down the aisle and seeing Devin at the end was such an amazing feeling. The father/ daughter dance was a special memory for me because I am such a daddy’s girl. We danced to “MyGirl,” a song I loved to listen to and dance to with my dad growing up. His toast to Devin and me was memorable because it showed how much he loved us and how happy he was to be celebrating our wedding day.

• How did you select the venue(s) that you used?

We were married in the church where we met and where Devin’s dad is the pastor so that was an easy choice. We chose The Wellington Place because from the beginning they said they wanted everything to be easy and stress free. They provided the meal, tables, chairs, linens and china. We didn’t want to have to worry about finding all of those things, so to have it all taken care of was the deciding factor.

• What were your wedding colors?

Our flowers and décor were green, pale yellow, white and grey. Our bridesmaid’s dresses and tuxes were black with grey shoes for the girls and grey ties for the men.

• What advice would you give to a bride who is planning (or getting ready to plan) her wedding?

Stay organized! Know your budget and get creative. There are so many cool blogs and websites where you can get inspiration to make your wedding your own. Also, enjoy the whole process. It should be fun! If you stay organized and stay within your budget, it is easier to enjoy it rather than get stressed.

• As a newlywed, what piece of wisdom or advice would you like to share about marriage?

Being married is so much fun! You get to hang out and see your best friend everyday! One thing we have learned as newlyweds is that communication is very important. Anytime there is an issue, it always seems to come back to a miscommunication. It is important to listen and attempt to understand why your spouse feels and acts the way they do. I also think it is important to put your spouse’s needs and feelings before yours; you can’t be selfish in a marriage.

• Save the dress, Sell the dress, or Trash the dress? 😉

Save the dress! It is too special to me and I spent way too much money on it to do anything else 🙂 and someday my little girl will want to see it and try it on.

Thank you so much, Kylie, for sharing your insight with us!
We wish you all the best!

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